Out of the box

It’s like falling in love or like going down the aisle. It’s your heart that skips a beat because all of a sudden, you have a purpose. It’s as if you finally found a flashlight in a dark room or like a familiar face in a hall full strangers. It’s like finally seeing your true self. It’s as easy as breathing suddenly. Promptly, the world is cleared from its clouds.

It’s all fine now, you know why you’ve never fit into any boxes.

You know you’re right where you’re supposed to be when while standing in a room full of people you don’t know yet they understand you perfectly. It’s like they speak the same language that you’ve tried talking with so many before them. They’re looking at you with their big eyes filled with curiosity because they want to know how big you can dream. How large your vision can be. As the words tumbled out of your mouth, it’s like you’ve just stopped stumbling through your life.

Now, you don’t feel like such a stranger to the world. It was not about others, about choosing to please or not. You only had to make a choice between who you were supposed to be and who actually are. It was about knowing that you were quite fine with not being normal.

Because out of the box was where you belonged.

Photo by Burst

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