Passionate about myself

I’m passionate about myself.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I am more interesting than anyone or more worthy. Neither is it because I have more to offer or that I am the biggest narcissist ever brought on earth, but I am passionate about myself. About the endless possibilities, about my heart filled with passion, about how I can always reinvent myself through time.

It’s something I have just learned: if you want to go anywhere in life, be passionate enough about who you are that you only want the best for yourself.

It doesn’t mean “be selfish” but it means “do things that matter to you”.

It’s about choosing the very best of you every single day. It,s about being so passionate about who you could be that you make the right choices and take the opportunities and create a life for yourself. It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people, it’s about uplifting your spirit.

Be the one you’d like to meet, the one you’ve always needed in your life. Be the one you’d fall for, be the one you’d never let down. Be the one for yourself.

They talk about finding “the good one”,

no one is as good enough for you as you can be for yourself.

So be the one who unconditionally, irrevocably and passionately loves you, because you deserve it.

Photo by Secret Garden

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