I stared at him, feverish, boiling with rage. If my face was calm, I was shaking inside. I squinted my eyes, trying to let him understand how clear my intentions were; I only wanted him to sign the paper agreeing to my multidisciplinary program.

He kept talking, preaching on how good of a student I’d be if I followed a more conventional path.

“I’m not here for the degree’s paper Sir, I whispered, I’m here to understand the business world.”

He smiled back at me: “Employers are looking for specialization in a domain”.

I coldly smiled back: “I’m not here to be an employee. I’m here for knowledge, I want you to confirm I’ll get a multidisciplinary bachelor degree after my three years.”


“I have no more questions, thank you.”

I took the door, furious, but strangely satisfied. I was chocking, yes, but I was on the right track.

The world is a constant revolution. At this point, everything is changing. The ax is rotating taking a new direction.

We had enough successful people wanting money – we need successful people following their passion. Successful people believing that good people are those who win in the industry. We need people willing to think out of the box, people ok with unconventional, people to reinvent the world we live in. We are in desperate need of fierce dream achievers and goal getters. People who don’t give up for the easy road. People with their destination so deeply inked in their hearts that it’s driving their lives to new heights. People with flames that can’t be tamed because doubt and failure is not an option.

We need people with high-frequency heartbeats and positive vibrations. We need people that believe in other people too. We need people so full of love and passion that they could burst out. People that spread joy and sparkle on the world a bit of their magic.

I hope that you and your vision make it. I hope that your blood is made of light and that you are courageous enough to go out in the cold of the night and be the lamplighter.

Photo by Pixabay

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