Your soulmate

I see you,

Ambitious, strong-minded, axed on your dreams, walking through life graciously and braking the ceilings.

As much as we all want love, for people like us, the perfect pair is not always around the corner.

Where I come from, dream crashers are everywhere. They’re  strangers impressed by your light, like butterflies at night they fly around you and they get burned. Some are wiser and tell you to tame your fire so they won’t suffer or so they can shine as bright. Some are as luminous as you are, fireflies or bright stars, they consume the darkness and as you come close they get frustrated because you light up the area in fire. Some are suspicious, they doubt you can stay aligned and as powerful as you are, they don’t believe you’ll shine brightly forever.

You have this charming light, that people are seeking for, some can’t stand it for long, some want to sip every inch of it until you’re empty, out of energy.

If you’re a bright star, a little sun of your own, finding a soul mate is a risky game. You love, so much, easy to approach, hard to get, you waltz through existence. You somehow wish you could waltz with someone who could keep the rhythm, someone who doesn’t force you to stop neither someone who forces you to go to his rhythm.

That someone is somewhere, I swear. It takes time because either you find someone supportive and busy of their own helping you or helping themselves either you are with no one at all.

As dramatic as it is, the perfect match is as much of a hard nut to crack as you are. An uneasy puzzle that still makes the road to your destination feel less lonely and full of wonderful adventures.

Don’t look, eventually, you’ll be drawn to each other. It’d be like their your gravity.

Make sure they’re supportive, ambitious with you not apart from you, kind-hearted, understanding and make sure they’re bulletproof. Life is great at giving you its best shots, make sure they’re as ready as you are for the adventure of a lifetime.

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