Before time


Flying, passing and goes by never stopping for anyone.

Healing or awful to some.

Precious to most.

Frozen on pictures and never coming back.

Taken for granted by too many.

And as it continues its everlasting run around the clock, we tend to forget how easy it is to lose track of time on things that should matter us the most.

Don’t you ever want to scream “I refuse”?

I refuse to let time pass me by so fast, I refuse that life is that short, I refuse that I have so little time to change the world, I refuse that I can’t have more to give more. I refuse. I simply can’t.

Nevertheless, the needles keep the turning, a number after the other, ignoring your prayers. Unfortunately, you can’t change their curse, and until you accept it and decide to make the most of it, time will keep on going away so fast.

Whatever you want to do, whatever inspires you, no matter what you want, do yourself the favor of not waiting until tomorrow.

Years from now you’ll only regret the time you’ve waisted and the opportunities you did not take. Be brave enough to face time, fierce enough to travel with it, do the things that make you feel alive and happy, do the things that you feel are yours to do, do things that give you satisfaction, that make you glow inside out. Spend time wisely. Spend time on things that make you feel like you are moving forward. Time on things that matter most to your heart and to your mind. Keep your priorities straight: mind, body, soul and personal success.

No matter what it is that you desire, you always have the time if you use it wisely.

Spend time regardless of your current situation – spend it like the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Time is yours only if you are ready to endorse the responsibility wholeheartedly. Be selfish with time, give it only to what matters.

Photo by Jakub Novacek

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