“You have to be a leader”

” You have to speak your mind “

” You have to be brighter”

” Success ain’t for the softies.”

First of all, I heard it all, second of all, I am not a softy.

I may be different yet it’s not because my heart is full of love, that I believe in kindness first and that I never speak a world louder than an another, that I am some sort of marshmallow.

It’s not because I have irreproachable manners, a quieter presence and that I never make a spectacle of myself, that my personality is not the one of a leader.

It’s not because who I am is far from the stereotype of your typical successful person, that I won’t blow your mind away with my vision, my mindset, and my success.

It’s not because I am more of a rainy day than a burst of bright sunshine that I have no light. It’s not because I am a classical melody rather than a rap song that I don’t own a revolution within me. And it certainly is not because I am soft instead of harsh that I won’t be able to make a difference.

You don’t have to be bad, to win. You don’t have to be careless, to be confident. You don’t have to be loud so that people notice you and hear you.

It took me long enough to understand that none of the roles I’d pull, none of the parades I gave were as powerful as me simply being me and opening up to the world as who I was with my dreams and my unique traits.

To make a change, you have to dare to be different, and pulling a mascarade is not helping in any way.

Nevertheless, you could always change, but only if that’s who you are comfortable to be. Reinvent yourself to stay true to who you are, not to fit in a mold.

I’ve been the loud one, the shark, the attention seeker, I’ve been different, I’ve tried it all. I played all the roles because I thought that it was what was missing for me to be powerful. I acted this way thinking that it was what was missing me to be and have what I wanted. But once you let down your costumes and you stop giving a show, you start surrounding yourself with the right people. These people, they are your people.

The world notices you for you. How bright you shine within the stars and how authentic you are when you are the best of who you could be. How when you are true to yourself and reflect who you want to be in every sphere of your life, everything falls into place.

They tell you to be like those who already succeeded, to follow their path, but the reason why they got there is that they were unique.

If you can’t follow your path and try to be a copycat, you won’t go anywhere. Find yourself, find your mission, find your motivations. Stay true to your real aspirations – you don’t have to be as anyone else.

Photo by Sunyu Kim

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