Lost Faith

Sometimes, you lose faith.

Sometimes, you feel like no matter how long you’ve been walking, no matter how much you’ve given, you are not where you were hoping to be.

As if all your efforts were turned into dust. Results don’t come, and nothing builds from your aches as you burn yourself to work.

Isn’t the moment when the Phoenix’s supposed to rise?

You’re paining and sweat drops down on your forehead.

Yet, you know deep down that if you ever gave up, you’d regret it all your life. If you don’t push and give a little more, maybe you’ll succeed.

But today, it’s just not happening.

Today, you have no faith in your capacities.

Everything seems to go wrong, you don’t feel like working, you don’t feel like learning, you don’t feel like your mission is that worthy anymore.

That can only mean one thing …

You need a bath, macaroons, a good book, and a nap.

Afterwards, you need to get up, and remember your why?.

Why are you who you are?

Why do you do what you do?

Why would you keep going?

Why do you need to rise and shine?


Remember who you are, take back your power. Rest is part of the process.

Breath in, breath out, and do it.

Until you have faith in yourself,

I’ll have faith in youw

Photo by Madison Inouye

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