Once you realize your worth, the game is over for many things: procrastination, screwing yourself over, having the wrong people in your life, unhealthy lifestyle, not taking care of yourself, time wasting.

Once you realize your worth, you start doing things: taking the time to do what you love, doing more in general, taking care of your body, your mind, and your soul, achieving your goals.

Once you realize your worth, you stop playing small.

That’s why they say it all start with self-love because once you love who you are you may sculpt the world as you’d like, as you see it with your loving eyes.

Once you understand that love conquers all and you do everything with love, your life will change in a split second.

You start doing the right things, cleaning because it feels better, eating healthy and moving more because you love your body, reading because you love your mind, being generous and gracious because you love your soul.

You start being more because you know your potential, you know that if you only tried a little harder you could do it, you know that if you believed a little more you could to it, you know that if you only but your energy in it you would do it. And that,s the power o self-love and knowing your worth.

Once you accept who you are, you automatically go forward. As easy as it can be to know what you don’t want to be, as much more fulfilling it’d be to focus on what you can be. Fortunately, when you realize all you can be, once you realize your an ocean of possibilities, you can build yourself, reinvent yourself, be more aware and more mindful of what you do. Once you think more about your actions and how you walk through life, you already are more. Once you are more, you do more, and once you do more accordingly to who you are, the world is yours.

Until you can love yourself that much,

I love you.

Photo by Secret Garden

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