How to find a mission

“I’m not inspired anymore,” he said.

I frowned. What was he trying to tell me? How could the one person I could always count on to climb on the bandwagon with me be having cold feet?

“I don’t have a mission” he insists.

I’m speechless. How could the one person who’d always tell me nothing is impossible if you just put in the work be unsure of his mission?

That’s when I figured I had some thinking to do.

It’s not because it was clear for me where my path was drawn that others could see theirs as easily.

To you, who are surely designed to change the world and destinated to great things, but who’s not sure yet where they are going, you’re not alone.

You don’t wake up in the morning knowing exactly what you are working for, you can only afford to hope and work harder for things that you wish just as hard. You don’t have this precise vision or that fire consuming your soul pushing you forwards and lighting the night. You only know that you were not born for ordinary life and that you strive for greatness. You know that you can’t settle for less than this blurry idea of how you could live your best life. Until recently, you were fine living and working for an undefined cause. Your only motivation was enough for you to rise.

Today, somehow, it felt different. It feels like you’ll never get there because you don’t know what you are really chasing.

If it was only material, you’d know – a big house, the most expensive car on the market, the latest Birkin bag – but to you, there’s always been more, you just can’t tell what.

If ever you find yourself in a position of not really knowing what stars to gaze at and which comet to chase, ask yourself what would make you feel full? What could fill your soul? What angers you? What would you change in the world? What would you change in your life? At the end of your existence, what do you want to leave to this world?

If you can answer these questions, you may just have found your mission, if you can’t then maybe it is time for you to start thinking about it.

Allow yourself to play big and to do more. Try new things. After all, you are entitled to live as your heart desires, you just need to know what life you want to live.

Photo by Tyler Lastovich

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