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Loser or Winner

Take on yourself.

I mean, why do you keep waking up late and going to bed at impossible hours if it’s not a good path to success? Why do you keep eating unhealthy food if you know it’s not what your body needs to be at its best? Why do you keep wasting time if you could use it to do things that actually matter to you?

Humans are strange, we know what’s good for us but we seem to have no discipline to act accordingly.

And then, we wonder how those with extraordinary lives got there, well because they knew what they wanted and they acted accordingly dear.

The reason why many stay dreamers instead of achievers is that they can’t do what is right for them, they stay still, never moving forward or they talk much more than they do. they say they want it so bad yet they never seem to want it bad enough to get it.

If you want something, then you don’t stop until you have it. Sitting there hoping to get never got anyone anything.

I see them every day, telling me about their dreams and as much as I believe as much as I can’t help to ask: are you ready to do what it takes?

Because if you are not ready to wake up, shine, work, and go to bed satisfied, then you have to review priorities.

By that I don’t mean work 24/7, I mean are you ready to take care of you and your dreams the way you should instead of waiting to be motivated?


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