Morning Mantra

Sometimes, I feel like doing things that are greater than me, that will require more of me, and I get scared because I already find it hard to keep up with my own self. Yet, something tells me that I can do more. That I can be more and it drives me insane to waste potential while I could be crushing my own inhibitions.

I have all my life to live and all my love and passion to give and somehow, I think I’m strong enough to try more than I already do.

I mean, wasn’t I born to shine? All signs showed that the answer is yes. Simply, yes.

So don’t mind me while I focus on myself and blossom. I might surprise you.

I have enough courage, enough strength to do all I want to.

I am smart enough and fierce enough to go through anything.

Watch me while I rise or rise with me so we can hold hands and clap for each other.

I can do this. I got this.

Photo by Pixabay

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