How to find yourself?

knowing who I wanted to be really helped me being me.

Knowing who I wanted to be made it easier to deal with who I was. As if who I was really did not matter if I acted accordingly to who I wanted to be. My past, my guilt, my flaws, I could accept them because I could overgrow my own self.

Knowing where I was going, imagining who I could be, has given me the strength I needed to move forward and doing what I really wanted deep down. Who I was did not matter if I wasn’t who I wanted to be.

When I started to see clearly that person I could be, taking decisions, fighting for myself, having an opinion, having dreams, defining my personality, trying harder daily, trying new things – being, existing, everything- it all became easier.

It was like breathing. It was like forgetting all I’ve been to embrace who I should have been all along.

Finding who you are is in your favorite songs, in the moments alone while you make up a perfect scenario, it’s in the things you never said but wish you did, it’s in the moves you retained but you regret you never made. Finding who you are is the characters you prefer in books and in series you adore, it’s about traits you tend to admire in people, it’s about sentences that inspire you, it’s about dreams you never knew you had, it’s about the passion consuming you when you do something you love. Finding who you are is about imagining what you would be if all you’ve ever wanted was already yours, it’s about knowing who you have to be in order to have it, it’s about listening to your aspirations, it,s about the person you’d be if everything was possible.

Being yourself doesn’t have to be in correlation with your current situation, with your present. You need the acceptance of where you are, but you also need to take courage to be who you want to be. You need to have faith that who you are was constructed by the life you’ve been living but for as much as you know, you can construct yourself for the life you want to live.

Photo by Paul Basel

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