The sweetest – Peter Oren

Cheer up boldies, it’s Friday, and as much as for some vendredi rhymes with party, on B0LD we say Friday rhymes with a good book, a playlist and a cup of tea (at least, before the party or on preparation for Sunday). Luckily, our team looked for a new artist for you to fall in love with.

Friday with Seb is on.

O.K – the picture of the lovely man (should I add cute, hottie, marvelous? ) you see is the face of the amazing and single… Peter Oren.

Not much is said on the man, but this is known (for our greatest pleasure). Born in Columbus, Indiana, we are glad to inform you that he isn’t only a good looking sweetheart. He grows up surrounding himself with music from none other than Bill Callahan (If you do not know him, it is okay. I only know that they sound similar and have the same (-ish) style ).

Being close to his emotions and surrounded by nature, he soon is inspired and writes poems that give a sense to what he feels.

At school, a good friend turned his poems into songs. It gave him the idea to pursue the extraordinary path of a songwriter. A choice that would forever influence is destiny.

Later in life, he left the comfort of home and went on the road.  Exploring his country in different aspects and through different visions while exchanging with people from different backgrounds, he would then write about what he stumbled on.

More recently, he embraced the stage in solo. Him and his guitar alone to connect with the public and have an intimate moment. His latest album ‘Anthropocene’ is to die for. (Anthropocene is a word created to explain the present era of global warming into which the human being is plunged because of our brilliant ideas). While he makes you enjoy his sweet melodies, he also gives you food for thoughts with his verses confronting the reality of the humankind.

Whether it is to judge the human’s actions or to hate on Columbus the explorer, his lyrics are more than words put together.

As an artist, Peter represents freedom of speech and freedom of being himself in whatever he does.

Peter Oren is B0LD in his moves and in his music. Be like Peter Oren princes and princesses – embrace life as it is and seek your own truth.

Here’s my playlist of favorites


Anthropocene – Falling Water-Canary in a Mine – New Gardens – River and Stone – Welcome/Goodbye – All I need – Leviathan – Wilderness – I wish I was a tree

Peace, Seb

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