Walking lights

Some people draw attention silently. They’re not loud and they never make a spectacle of themselves. Some people are just there and you can’t help but notice them in all their gracefulness.

It’s unexplainable yet admirable. There is something in the way they blush, something in the way they get excited when they speak about their dreams, something in the warmth of their touch, something in their smile that makes you feel like home, it’s the way they curl their lips when they concentrate enough, in the way they sparkle with their enlightenment and how they think by themselves such pure thoughts. It’s how they achieve their goals without gloating because they don’t have too. The world just notices their exploits naturally because all they are makes you want to be more too.

They are and then, they get.

They do what is right and they only shine brighter for it.

They go through life like the river goes through the land.

They go through lie like a feather through thin air.

They show up every day as their highest self and would never settle for less because they know that it is the only way to be where one wants to be.

They visualize, they plan and they act accordingly, their energy is focused on what matters to them and it makes out of them walking lights.

Walking lights, you can be one too, focus on who you are and know your worth. Know you don’t need to prove the world anything because you are enough and your actions speak by themselves.

Photo by Kaique Rocha

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