Don’t. Settle.

I want you to fill with your name the blank space ” I am ________ and I won’t settle for less”.

Candide – Voltaire – used to say “ Il faut cultiver notre jardin” meaning life is your garden and you have to weed it, water it, plant seeds and make it look the way you want.

If you truly want something then I guess you won’t stop until you get there, right ?

Remember yourself of who you are and start showing up as this person.

Remember yourself of what you want and start truly working towards it.

Remember yourself of where you started and keep in mind all you’ve already achieved.

The road is long,

and the table is empty.

Your road is long because you have many stops along the way and a lot to go through before reaching destianation, it’s part of the beauty of the journey.

Your table is empty because you have more to bring to this one than the tables you previously sat at. You chose a different and bigger table and there might not be a lot of people to eat with you for now, but you’ll find suitable guests in time.

After all you’re ______ and you shouldn’t settle for less.

It’s not being arrogant nor isn’t pretentious. Be the best version of you and never settle for any less. Be your brightest and highest self.

Photo by Secret Garden

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