My life is a flower pot

You’re a plant. And life is your pot.

As you pour water in, and add nutriments, you grow. Your roots are stronger. You become taller. You bloom and flourish. Sometimes you trim dead ends. But once in while, few times in a lifetime, the pot is too tight. You can’t breath. You can’t really tell what’s wrong at first, but you feel suffocated. You’ve outgrown your own self.

You’ve outgrown your life. You’ve outgrown your little jar.

It’s time to change your flower pot. You might think you like this one better. You might adore it even, but it’s too tight for you now. And you have acknowledge and accept it.

So you change your pot. This new one will feel too big at first, but it’s only so you can have more place to grow, more space to fill. It might feel unconfortable, but with time, you’ll be stronger, much stronger than you were in your previous pot.

Sometimes in life, you change because you’ve gone through hurricanes and bad weather, sometimes you change because you get just the right amount of light, sometimes you change and that’s all. You just have to adapt yourself or adapt your life. Sometimes it feels wrong but if you aim for a better life, then you must be willing to focus growth. Keeping old pots will only slow you down. Don’t carry this weight.

Photo by Pok Rie

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