I always have an agenda

Is it bad to say I want to be part of the elite, to say I want to change the world ? Is it bad to strive to be of the greatest ? To strive for excellence ? To strive for perfection?

I mean, not in a way that I would make a spectacle of myself nor is it that I want to be rich or to be flawless. What I want is to live my life as a muse, I want to be smart and powerful so I can actually make a difference in the world.

Is it alright to say that no matter what I do or where I am or who I am with, I have an agenda ?

Never in a bad way ! I’m just concious of where I spend my time and with who because I feel like it’s too important to let it fly without pouring my energy in the right actions and people?

Is it bad that everything I do is to go forward? Every book, every movie, every hour, every move, has a goal ?

Be obsessed with success, I hear a lot.

I’m obsessed with who I could be. And so should you.

That’s why all of this is right, because it serves you, it makes you grow.

Photo by Rizwan Sayyed

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