Have you been reading lately ?

Knowledge is power. You might have heard it before, you might believe it or still need some proofs.

Fot all the times you said “if only I could, I would” – reading brings you in the right places.

So much was written black on white, worlds were created, lives related, history transcripted. There is a time for everything and in books you’ll find all you need.

Reading about lives that changed the curse of the world, reading stories that make your heart bound in your chest, reading so you can open the flow of creativity and knowledge. Dive into books that give you the inspiration you need.

Read about the Grace Kelly’s of the world, the elegant Audrey’s, read about the kind Oprah, read Jane Austen and fall in love, read Napoleon Hill to think sharpily, read and love Robert Frost like summer rain.

If you feel like you’re missing inspiration, you don’t, you just haven’t read enough lately. You just forgot to put fuel in your soul to set it on fire.

Read books and never stop learning, unfold the secrets of the universe and open up to the unknown. It’s the only to go places with your mind. Get smarter, wiser, more creative, inspired.

Photo by Pixabay

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