How to make friends and be gracious ?

When you read “How to make friends and influence people” they tell you that you must genuinely care about others. However, over time I came to the conclusion that caring is not enough, you have to cherish.

If you think that to be powerful you only need money, success and some skills, you may be forgetting some basic

Once you realize that the human being standing next to you is the most valuable thing you have at this moment, when you are grateful towards any of your pairs, you are gracious and you start understanding the value of one and the other. When you cherish the presence of others, you understand the world better and you are more grateful, which is so awfully close to gracious.

Once you truly care about the people, you become interested in them and you become a good listener.

Fortunately, it’s when you listen that you fall in love with personalities, that you learn what type of people you want to be surrendered with. It’s when you listen that you learn to respect everyone without ever being disrespected.

When you listen and it’s not to answer promptly and bring the spot light on yourself, you become gracious.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

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