How to unstuck yourself from a rut ?

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time for you to blossom although you’ve been stuck with winter for a while now.

But do not panic as you unfreeze from your hibernation, a routine done for too long does not mean you won’t see the sun.

You always can unstuck yourself from a rut.

Understand that the rut is not permanent.

However, if you lack motivation, creativity and go through life as a sleepwalker, you are in need of some serious resourcing and tree shaking.

From this moment you realize you might need to make a change, you first need to stop. Stop an instant to observe your life from afar, stop at this instant to contemplate your work of art, the fragile architecture of your existence and wonder, is this what I want or what I settle for? Is this bringing me forward? Do I feel like I am moving?

If the answer is yes, then you might want to become a slasher and try new things once in a while, try being grateful and maybe recenter yourself. Do more of what you love, because your rut is temporary as you are still moving. You’ll see the result soon enough, keep going!

But if the answer is no, we have your back. Here are 11 tips to unstuck yourself from a rut and reorganize your life ( a.k.a stop going in circles and start moving forward again)!

1- Take your brain off everything, go for a walk or take a few days if needed, but take a break from your existence.

2- Try to define what you want, try to rewrite your life goals or even short term goals.

3- Do the things you’ve been avoiding, some cleaning, some payments, anything really that could drain your energy, provide stress or make you uncomfortable.

4- if I could change one thing in your life right now what would it be? How quickly can you fix it?

5- Start planning some things in your schedule, something simple, that is most usually not a part of your routine, like a workout in the morning or meditation at night. It has to be something you’ve been wanting to do.

6- Try taking care of your body and your mind, by having a good shower, eating good and healthy food, drinking plenty of water, watch to your favourite movie, listen to your favourite songs, read your most cherished book, have lots of fresh air and take the time to dream.

7- Remember what is your definition of success and why you are doing it.

8- Reorganise your space (workspace, bedroom, entire home if needed) and leave for you to see somethings that remind you of who you are and that motivates and inspire you to be the best version of your space.

9- Spot your bad habits and try to do what is right for you and your dreams, you’ll see how quickly you can go from bad habits to good ones. A routine is a succession of habits really and the best to change a routine is to change your habits. Wake up early and do not hit the snooze button for example!

10 – Remember yourself of who you are beneath all the work and the stress. Remember yourself of your power. Remember yourself of who you want to be.

11- Reorganize your routine in a way that leaves space for you to create, to do things that make your soul sparkle with joy but mostly to do things that remind you of who you truly are.

Keeping up and staying focus on what you want and who you want to be is a hard job, but it’s what brings to one the most success and the most fulfilled life. Stay bold, with love.

Photo by Alena Koval

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