I’m not successful … yet. But I know how to be !

The sun. I can feel it. On my skin. Finally. Beautiful blue skies and blueberry eating, unfrozen days craving frozen yogurt. I was ready for spring.

As I can feel my toes being warm again after winter, I can also feel my brain unfreezing – slowly but surely.

Oh huckleberry friend, I thought that to be successful I had to be the best, but oh boy was I ever wrong.

After days of tourning around as a fly in a room, I, little fly, found the answer to : how to be successful ?

And all of this is proven theory.

One can be the best in all one wants but one can’t succeed if one does not show up.

Show up ? For what ? Success ? Does success come around wearing its gown ready to take you on a dance ?

The answer is no. Success never shows unless you do : send it an invitation every morning by not snoozing. Work for its presence everyday by refusing to give up. Be its future by doing a little bit more today for tomorrow. Take both of its hands by taking the time to care about it enough to make it a priority. Show how much you love it by falling in love with it everyday. Give it a chance to be yours by never stopping putting efforts. Flirt with it by being smart and caring everyday.

You can be the best all you want, if you don’t show up every single day, success loses its interest.

Show up.

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