I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.

Can you imagine a world in which words had the power to change your life if only you had the audacity of pronouncing them?

I never was a big believer until I finaly saw the product of its audacity on somebody.

“I was in debts for over 20 000 $, I was living in my parents, that was a year ago. Now I live in a condo of my own, make plenty of money. For those asking, yes, I worked hard, but it really started from a change of mindset.”  

He confessed to me that every morning he’d wake up, look at himself in the mirror and tell himself, in the present, with gratefulness, something he liked about his life. At the beggining it was “ I love the fact that I make 10k every month, thank you”, obviously it was far from the truth, but doing further researches, I discoevred that truly, it did not matter.

If you think of it, you can be it. No matter what it is, your brain really can’t make a difference between truths and lies which means you can practically tell your brain anything and it’ll be happy to consider it facts.

If your brain believes everything it means you control your reality, it means that you can control what you get in life. The reason they say “fake it until you make it” is not because they want you to stop working and start flaunting, that would be garbage advice, it’s because if you work as if you were where you’d want to be, and be the person you’d want to be and TELL yourself that you are there that you are that person you are inevitably transforming your surroundings. If you put your mind to something you can achieve anything.

Take back your power, be kind to yourself and have vision for a better you. Take the time to say it, out loud, looking and your eyes, and let it be your magic. Be that person, get those dollars, change the world … life is yours if only you dare to ask.

Photo by Leah Kelley

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