How to stay honest when asking the universe?

Some say that to ask the universe and use positive thinking such as “I love the fact that I found my soul mate” is kind of dishonest (since it is not reality (yet)), because you refuse to see reality just as it is. On the other hand, most say it’s not a crime to ask more from life.

However, no matter what your opinion might be on the subject, there is a way to be on both sides: be honest whilst seeing, asking and being more.

To go further than point A, you have to know what your point A stands as, no matter if it’s about your weight, your money, your personality, it all starts with an honest perspective with who you are and where you’re at.

To get to point B, you have to be aware that positive thinking is the seed to the tree you will be growing, so as an example, if you want to shed a couple of pounds, you will say in the mirror ” I love the fact that I weight 120 pounds and that I look beautiful and healthy”. This way you program your brain to think like so which as a big effect on your actions but it also programs your body because your brain sends the right signal.

Honesty is also about no judgement towards yourself, it’s not okay, with the same example, to look at yourself in the mirror and say ” I am so fat”. From the moment you realise where you are at, you have to stop sending these bad vibes and signals to your brain because it will believe you. If you do want to lose weight then start looking in the mirror and saying “ I love the fact that I weight 120 pounds and that I look beautiful and healthy”. Send your brain the message that you can be who you want to. It does not diminish the fact that you have to work to get what you want but it makes your brain believe that you are already there so it keeps on sending the message to your body and to the rest of your thoughts that that’s who YOU are. It will help develop new habits. Remember that it’s how when you think of how you are angry, you keep on finding reasons to be, how when you focus on looking for new opportunities, you start to find more. Remember how it’s funny that when you plant a seed, a tree grows.

Doing positive thinking is about knowing where you are at and asking for better whilst reminding yourself every time you get the opportunity of that vision of your perfect life/self. It’s about accepting what you know about yourself and what you have to learn but being in the mindset that soon enough you will get there.

Positive vibes only.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens

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