Lovely Dana

Aaah! What a month March has been, don’t you think?

I have been daydreaming a lot. On the 8th of March was International Women’s Day, and let me tell you I strongly believe we should have the whole freaking month for ourselves (but who’s checking right?) and on the occasion Captain Marvel came out – I obviously went duuuuuh!! (I, Seb, am a fanatic of superheroes… you could say I’m sort of a geek … or is it a nerd… or am I just intense… ?)

Anyhow, I went to see Captain Marvel – portrayed by the beautiful and talented Brie Larson – and since it was Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female leading character in a movie, I decided to talk about female artists too. Being a woman already is not easy, thus, imagine being a woman of power who changes the point of view of people by saying ”I am a woman and I can do it” giving no care to what other people say: A-MA-ZING!!

Therefore, this begins my little exposé on this beautiful soul I met through music. I heard about her a while ago through the chanel of the youtuber Courtney Miller from Smosh. Her name is Dana Williams. (Such a cute name). At first, I was not quite sure if I would enjoy her music, so I downloaded every album she dropped, and I said to myself: The time will come and taste develops. Boy, was I wrong to wait. She’s FREAKING AMAZING!!!

Born in California, the artist was mostly known around the time she participated to the competition of Rising Star – in which she ended up in the fourth position. She plays guitar, sings and writes poems (ASDFGHJKL, perfect human if you ask me!!) Influenced by the guitar-playing of her late father, David Williams, who played with and for Madonna, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, she pursued her own path by creating her style of music. She calls it ethereal soul folk, but people will say that her style resembles to jazz, soul and folk mixed together, but either way, it is to blow your mind away. She was part of the opening act of Leighton Meester, – yes, yes, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls – back in 2012 during Meester’s Spring Tour. The two women have been friends since middle school. When she was young, she wanted to become a veterinarian because she always has loved animals. Knowkng this, you might spot her in Los Angeles walking with her dog and enjoying the temperature.

I do not even know how to explain how I love Dana’s music. It is refreshing and somewhat new to the ear. Her voice is melodic and calming, soothing for the soul. It is the type of music you want to wake up to on a Sunday morning, drink a hot cup of tea and read a book to. She inspires me to continue writing my own music and make a name of myself. Coming from a loving family, she projects the aura of happiness, love and self-acceptance. Dana rocks the crown of a true princess.

We, you and I are used to hear mainstream music, but I am inviting you to step out of your comfort bubble. Trust me here, one most open his eyes to the unknown. The more you know about the people surrounding you, the easier it becomes to love the ones who are right next to you, to reach out to your neighbor, to be a princess.

Sincerely and always,

Peace xx


Favorite songs:

Drifting – Oh No No – Slow and Steady – Fooling Myself – Damage – Guardian Alien – Fragile Ego – Preach – Sunny Day – There You Go – One More – Heart’s Your Home – The Lonely One – Let’s Fall

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