Scared to fail?

It’s much scarier to fail than to succeed, and that should be enough, don’t you agree?

Over time some of us develop this “syndrome” of pushing away anything that causes pain, the overall cause of the “syndrome” is that your brain wants to protect you from anything that could hurt you. Your brain will analyze all these different “pains” and will create emotions and reactions to refrain you from approaching anything painful. The alarm in the morning, that’s painful, let me hit the snooze button. Those classes I’ve been putting off for a while, that will be painful, I might take a session off. These project I want to do, that might take a lot of effort, I’ll do it next month. The gym, that will be deadly, let me go back to the comfort of my home. Some call it laziness, but to be fair it can be much more, such as anxiety or simple fear.

Go back to the source, what truly scares you? The efforts? The work that needs to be done? No, you are afraid to fail and that it won’t feel good.

However, what if you’d stop being scared of failing or that it might not feel great you could focus on being scared of not trying. The only regrets one can have are the things one didn’t do or to have the remorses of the things he failed to do.

If you are scared to fail than it should be enough to push to go through the pain of going through what you need to go through to succeed, otherwise, aren’t you only making a great pile of accumulation of pains needing to be dealt with it later?

I know how hard it can be to decide to start doing instead of waiting for life to happen but really no one gets anything from doing nothing.

Simple things can change your life, it’s an accumulation of small gestures that create movement. The decision is only yours, discipline yourself to ignore small pleasures that get you nowhere (and by that, I don’t mean stop taking time to smell the flowers, I mean take time for what really matters and align your actions with what you want) and start playing bigger.

Constant efforts are a smaller price to pay than remorses over things you didn’t do. It’s much scarier to fail than to succeed and that should be enough to push to do more instead of pushing to do less. Do more and be more.

Photo by julie aagaard

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