Be yourself ? I don’t think so.

It took me some searching during all of my days for the right route to go onto to get to my destination, but as all my days turn to nights until the sun rises again, I realised that only one thing makes good roads : the steps you take.

As one fiercely go through life, we get pieces of advice from all types of people, some are more or less true.

Be yourself = worst advice.

Some say “be yourself” to succeed, and yes, obviously individuality and authenticity is very much valuable and very much true that you have to stay connected to your values, what you truly want and who you are to the roots. However, if one always presents himself as plain and never shows up as the best version of himself, he won’t go anywhere.

Ones worth is not measured by its productivity or it’s capacity of doing in comparison to others.

Moreover, you are enough for all you are.

No doubts.

But if you do not try do to better than yesterday, to be better human, to go closer to your goals, you might as well be sleep walking through your existence. If you don’t try do get rid of bad habits, change your own tosic behaviors, try harder at things that matter – if all of the followings are not “who you are”, you might want to check on yourself.

Give yourself the chance and opportunity you deserve by being the person you deserve to be, don’t fall into bad patterns just because it’s “in your nature”, be a force of nature constantly evolving and moving.

Photo by Luanna Cabral

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