How to be satisfied at the end of the day?

over the years I learnt to be more attentive to how I felt at the end of the day and now, I master the art of satisfaction. After reading books and books about how to organise your life, being productive, get sh*it done, etc. As a student, a lady, a gentlemen, a business owner, a blogger, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a friend, a social media influencer, a worker, or a human basically who strives for better – no matter what your title is, whichever fits you or which does not – your days are a mess. There is a lot to do, a lot that you want to do, a lot that needs to be done urgently and a lot that I should do. But between all these wants, needs, urgencies and shoulds, what are you and can you actually do. What do you do on a productive day and how do you get productive?

Productivity is not measured by the amount of work you or how busy you are, productivity is measured by the quality of the things you do and the impact they have on your current situation.

Essentials :

  • Your health is your number one priority. Why? Because someone who takes care of body and mind accomplishes a lot more. Drink water, eat good food, sleep well, take some me-time, work out and make sure to do what is right and feels right instead of what you feel like, because surely the couch and the TV feels good but maybe catching up on few hours of sleep would feel better. Fell good and you’ll see yourself doing good too.
  • Have priorities.

How to work with your priorities?

  • Divide your life into bubbles ex. School, work, dreams, body, mind, soul.
  • Every bubble should be in your day, even for 30 min. if you’re squeezed in time, but make sure you make time for your priorities. Obviously, some of them are more time consuming than others, that’s why you have to remain focus on priorities. They are the key to moving forward and feeling satisfied and like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day.
  • choose one thing in each bubble, it will help you make sure you take a good decision and truly work in priorities order, you do the most important thing in your list for every sphere of your life.   

Working with your priorities will give you a sense of accomplishment you soon get addicted to. The more you’ll do, the more you’ll want to do, wake with determination, know what you have to do, do it, and go to bed with the satisfaction.

Photo by Caio Christofoli

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