When no one cares for what you do.

Writer, vlogger, content creator, entrepreneur, hard worker, inventor or leader, no matter in which category you’d place yourself in, here is my advice to you: don’t do it for the money and don’t do it for the fame.
Be driven by your passion, be driven by your faith in what you do and your determination to have an impact in the world. No matter who you are and what you do, do it because it is important to you. People won’t show up every day to read or to listen or to see what you create and give to the world, especially not in the beginning, but remember that for the fruit to grow in a tree, the fruit needs the sun and the rain and the care. Every day. The world won’t show up every day for you, but you have to show up every day to care for them. Because to find your people, you have to reach for them. Give them a hand to hold onto. You have to be there. Simply. Know who you people would be, know what they search for, think of them while you create. Do as if they were already there, those elegant souls, wildfires, you address to. Keep creating while staying true, adding value and showing up every day. Give the world the bits of you it needs and you’ll see fruits grow.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger

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