Doing Nothing

You spent an hour doing nothing. Nothing much helping you dreams, diminishing your workload or getting you motivated. You know, sometimes it just happens, you stop for five minutes, take a break and then you realize you’ve been scrolling on Instagram for an hour. There is no real reason to feel guilty about it when you do a lot in a day. Only, I felt annoyed when I saw a post saying “ I can tell you where you’ll be five years from now if you show me your habits and how you use your time.”  That hits differently. That says, what you do every day determines who you’ll be, so better make sure you make good decisions. and use your days wisely. That hits differently.

Often, one who does much in a day needs to remind himself, it’s ok to take some me-time, but sometimes me-time becomes avoiding-time or avoiding-tasks-time – because rest is certainly part of the process but procrastination shouldn’t be. You’re not too tired, you’re uninspired. Take ten minutes, breath, remember why you do things, then do something you’ve been procrastinating on. At least start. Write your name on top of your homework, read on that subject, go for a walk, brainstorm, do something to bring you forward. If you are not pushing your limits then you are not reaching for your full potential. We both know that dreams don’t come true while your sleeping, so get up and keep eyes wide open. Be bold, work smart and do.  

Photo by Thought Catalog

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