How to start Anything you want

It does not matter what it is: you have to start. From a school project to launching a blog to working out to getting up in the morning to getting some work done to doing that oral presentation to simply start the day, you just have to start.

We all know the feeling of having so much to do that you end up not doing anything because you don’t know where to actually start. It,s almost panicking to start, much more than to avoiding, short term speaking, because long term it will get messy, and you’ll be furious you did not start earlier. How many times do we do so? Start later. Doing that tomorrow. Giving us a little more hours. Leaning in procrastination. Finding excuses. How often do you do so?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, don’t we all sometimes prefer to watch one more episode instead of doing what actually needs to be done. However, once you start changing your mindset and ask yourself “what can I do today that will make tomorrow easier, nicer, better”, life just goes smoother and it’s much less stressful, you are much more productive, and much more gets to be done. But the mystery still stands Where do you actually start?  

take that one thing you need to do, that one thing you want to have done because, it’s stressing you because it is something you wanted to do for so long, because it is a dream of yours or because you want to start with new habits? Take that one thing. Once you got this, look at the smallest, tiniest, lilliputian step in all things that can be done. Is it writing your name on top of the page? Finding one thing you’d like to write on? Is it putting on your gym clothes? Or only to open your eyes this morning instead of snoozing?

Take that one tiny thing and just do it. Feel that feeling of “yes, I did start”, then take the next step and don’t think of anything else than the tiny steps, one after the other – you’ll get things done.  

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