Is knowledge really power?

They say “knowledge is power”,  we say knowledge is only power if one knows how to use it, otherwise it’s decorating the inside of your brain or the top shelf of any shelf as an ornament. Because you can accumulate knowledge without ever using it. To be the game changer, you have to know which game you are playing and which player you are. You have to know were to score. Same thing with knowledge.

Know what you are looking for, it makes learning much funnier and much easier to find the information that will serve you correctly.

Know what type of person you are and what type of person you want to listen to. There are thousands of books and videos and websites with thousands of different opinions. The best way to gather information is not to read it all, it is to focus on who you trust to build a solid base.

As you are starting from the bottom to work your way up, you have to follow people who inspire you and in who you believe their thoughts are of value. You can compare opinions, but eventually, you will have your own and once you do, focus on personalities you believ hold the truth. By doing so, you create fluency a continuity in your learning process, in your building process. The irst people in your team, in your club, in your dynasty or in your empire are the people you take knowledge from. So choose your base wisely. Choose your team wisely. Don’t be afraid to be very picky about the information you consume. Taking every opportunity to learn, yet being critical. Information is food to your brain, be mindful of what you feed your brain with. That’s how you rock knowledge and absorb it like a sponge.    

Photo by Wendy van Zyl

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