How close are you?

Dare to build, one foot in the present one in the future, living the moment but doing what’s best for tomorrow, depending on what you desire most. Dare to be the one who builds an empire if that’s who you are. If you have vision, believe in yourself enough, believe in others enough so that they will put down stones to your castle with you. Give chances and opportunities to grow. Learn to know what needs freshening and straightening in existence – learn to be the one who aligns all the lines and fadind stars in constellations. Dare to be all you can be. Give yourself the time and the condition to succeed, you know that with determination and more discipline you could go places. Lean towards continuity and get rid of what’s weighting you down.

You’re closer than you think, it looks far enough but you are closer than you think. Believe it, it all depends on you, work really hard each and every day, do what you do, you’re almost there. Believe it, feel it. You climb the mountains, cross the river and get the sun. If you’re a shining star, than please don’t hide, you can light up the sky.

My lashes were still fluttering over my sleepy eyes as I stretched my tired body. In a yawn, I was on my feet, the cold floor under me chasing away the rest of an almost sleepless night. I ran my hands through my messy hair and unbent my arms towards the sky. The room was still dark, a little warmer than a few nights ago as spring was flirting with the winter air. I jumped in the shower and quickly went through the steps of my routine, my blood started pumping as I focused on what was really important: slaying the day.

Under the constant cover of clouds, I headed out knowing exactly what I wanted.  

Photo by Daria Obymaha

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