Values : the roots

Get to know yourself, some values are prominent to you naturally, they take place in your heart, fill in your thoughts and dictate the actions you take – nevertheless some are more discrete and some are to be developed such as discipline or kindness or graciousness. Your values are your garden, and just like a company you have to make sure your personal culture is flourishing and serving you for the better. Values are part of your traits of character and shape who you are, they’re the roots that allow flowers to grow.

Values play a big part in the standards you set for yourself, how you don’t settle for things that are not what you want, what you are … They play the biggest role when it comes to not settling for what doesn’t match your culture.

As you learn to what types of plants you want in your garden to be the very best garden, you’ll learn to surround yourself with people that not only understand you but have the same high standards as you – you’ll build a team. You’ll have something on what to base your actions, your decisions and motivate you. Over time, you’ll see your garden become not only stronger but more specific and defined depending on what you allow to grow. After hours of gardening, it’ll become automatic, you’ll be able to garden without thinking about it.

As you garden you’ll learn to never let anything bad grow in there. You’ll never allow anything to come and ruin what you’ve been cultivating for a long time because you know that if you give in, you may do it again, and when you give in, ugly plants row in there. You’ll build an impeccable work ethic and balance your time with your values.

I woke up my head filled with flowers and blossom. I poured my warm beverage and sipped carefully. The air was cold for spring but I was all warm inside from my determination, eager to be who I wanted to be. I quickly wrote down: I am disciplined,  kind-hearted, elegant inside out, and I get what I want – I am the best version of myself. Merci la vie. Because that was exactly who I was.

Photo by David Skyrius

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