I found it, I mean, I am sure I found it. My answer, the one I have been looking for ages and spent sleepless night on: What’s the key to success?

Answer is quite simple for all it requires for one to do. But teorically, it’s quite simple.

We’ve recently been all about show up everyday, and what does showing up everyday requires?


“Haha, I knew” you may be thinking, because it seems oh so obvious, but really if we all had discipline, we’d all be as far as we,d actually like too. Of course, discipline is not always easy, and not a guarantee but fairly, it is pretty much the secret: finding the strength of doing what you have to do until you can do and be who you want to.  

D – do more, determination

I – Inner strenght

S- stands for Superpower not required or Self-Love

C – continuity and fluency towards your goals

I – Inside out beauty

P – Present every day at any moment to do things right, show up

L – Loyal to your goals, don’t give in

I – Intentionally

N- No excuses = No limits

E – Efforts do pay off.

Practising discipline means you can do more, but to do so you have to be really determinatedto succeed, you have to find inner strength to do what you have to do, it has nothing to do with superpower nor is it a talent, it’s a matter of doing things out of self-love and respect for yourself even when you don’t want because you believe in you and your goals. It about continually putting efforts and create fluency and your workflow, so that you always move forward. It about being the best version of yourself inside out and be present every day for yourself and your goals, to be loyal every day to your dreams, to do things intentionally. Understand that it does not always naturally and sometimes you have to do it out of pure discipline because you might not always have motivation. Once you give yourself no excuses, you do not have any limits. You will see that over time efforts do pay off if you keep putting in.

Practising discipline is just like a penny jar, the more you put in, the more you have. Change your idea that discipline is something painful and unfun, make it self-love, make it self-respect, make it a penny jar of good things that are bound to happen.

Photo by Caio Resende

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