How to be the best?

Your personnality has to be better than theirs. Not because you are better, but because who you are is the only thing you can actually control. How you react, how you respond, it is vital that you never cede control if you want to build an empire, build a character.

Cut the cord on bad habits, cut the cord with those who are a bad habit, cut the cord with what is slowing you, weighing you down. Be the one who takes decisions for themselves not out of selfishness but out of self-respect. Be the one who doesn’t give the others the power to ruin your day, to influence your mood, to lower your vibe. Be the one whose character is strong enough to be in control. You have to achieve the position of comprehensive control, you are there, you care for other people, but their decisions do not affect your character. Stay polite, educated respectful, not because they are to you but because that is who YOU are. Stay kind, stay calm, stay in control, emotions are so powerful once you use them instead of letting them use you. Understand yourself and the power you hold when you show control. It’s not about tying your hands in your back, it’s about giving a clear vision and not cede the control of this raw, beautiful and fierce power you have in the hands of others.

Your personality, your emotions, your character, your values, they are what construct the Queen and Kings, but if anyone can toy with them, you lose. Your character has to be bigger than theirs, not to be always right or to be in perpetual fights, but because who you are, deep down in your core, is your strongest asset, it’s your power and if you keep on letting them rain on your parade and steal your thunder, you’re giving away your power. Have discipline not to outburst at all times, or to be too impulsive in reaction to what others do, be your own decision maker.

We hear people all the time saying “My dream job is to be my own boss”, well do so, be your own boss and start with inside of you.

Photo by Silver Works

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