Duty is my only excuse

I felt my feet above the ground and the tip of my fingers tickle as my mind was wandering in the streets of New York. A little lost and a little closer to myself as my eyes aspired all they could see to print in pretty memories- to save in a corner of memory lane for when I’d need to remember where I’m going.

The wind of summer blooming on us – vacation has no meaning when you have a mind that does not like resting.

Imagine a world in which you don’t have what you want, but get what you settled for.

We all have summers, weekends, duties, work, school, families, friends, and that’s most of our lives summed up in a short sentence, but where do you leave a space for dreams?

Truth is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and we all have duties and free time. Only it seems that sometimes we use duty as an excuse not to chase the things we truly want. Duty consumes most of our time and then when we have free time, vacation time, we want to be off duties, we want to do nothing. We want to take some time to relax and enjoy ourselves which is 100% fine.

But the secret of success never was on the time you spent doing a work you don’t enjoy nor is it in recovering from it.

Because let’s be fair, work, school, is very stressful and extremely tiring but if you don’t want to settle for something as such, then you must do something differently. Your dream job, your dream life, is not that far if you can do more of what brings you closer to it. Don’t be exhausted if you can be motivated.

Photo by Flo Westbrook

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