Married to yourself

I bought myself a ring to be worn as a reminder of who I am committed to: myself and my dreams. I bought myself a diamond proudly standing on my ring finger to remind myself every day of this relationship I promised to keep holding tight to.

Dreams are like marriage, either you commit and make it work or you get cold feet or you give up.

Dreams are like marriage, it evolves, sometimes it changes, sometimes you get a divorce but you don’t give up the hope of reaching their dreams again.  Because you can try a long time before it works, but it doesn’t mean that you must not give it your best shot.

Be faithful to your dreams, be ready to pour your heart into it, to give it a part of you every single day.

Committing to your dreams is like marriage, some of us are afraid because we don’t trust easily, some of us have been ready to walk down the aisle since we knew how to walk because we’ve always had faith in happy forever after.

Some of us are afraid of committing because we are not sure if it’s going to work, some of us are ready to jump in both feet because we believe more than we fear.

But truth is, if you want to really make out of your dreams a reality, you have to commit, marry yourself and your dreams, despite the fear, and give it your best.

And if attempt one fails, then it’s okay, commit again, you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your heart supplicating you to take a step forward, you owe it to all your hours of daydreaming about a better a life. Find it in yourself, find the strength to commit to YOU. Every day.

Photo by Craig Adderley

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