What is success about ?

I woke up before the sun, one eye open, looking for my strength, I mean, it had to be somewhere. As the pale morning light filtered through the opacity of my tiredness and sleepy brain, I took one foot out, the second naturally followed, my arms reached for the sky, fingers tickled the clouds, I was most definitely ready to rise and shine.

Success is in the routine you create for yourself because you are what you do. Success is in the habits you have, the company you keep, the books you read, the food you eat. Success is about the mindfulness you pour on a daily basis. Success is in the small rituals that get you going.

Success is the way you go through your day, not your ideas, not luck, it is all in what you do.

Do something every day. Something that needs to be done. Something that might not change the world but that starts a motion. It’s with small gestures that you start great movements, be mindful of where you put your time, your energy and your thoughts. No matter what are your goals, show the universe you areready to show up for it.

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