Doing hard stuff.

How do you find the courage to do something scary ?

Where do you find the strength to change your world when change is hard ?

The only good answer is : do something difficult everyday.

Feel it in you, the will to do a little something out of your ordinary lane, don’t worry to much and do something a little harder. Don’ t take that big step if you are not up to it, not until it only feels difficult yet not impossible. Go one action at the time. Run a little longer, read that book, make that plan, start a blog. Don’t tell anyone, shine how you want, be brighter than the sun, glow like you’ve never before because you are proud. Take it slow, fear has no place in your heart or in your mind so beat it by doing things differently, by getting out of your comfort zone. Start kicking laziness’s butt, do a little more, do something that you would not have done yesterday.

Being scared is human, but it should not limit you and your life.

Everything seems impossible until someone does it. be that someone, believe in your capacities and most importantly believe in you, if you can dream it, imagine it, you can most likely achieve it.

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen

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