It’s easy to say ” I have time” even easier to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”, when we are younger, we do it all the time, especially in school, we use all the free time we can to play. When we go get a job, we are tired, and when we work on projects, we don’t feel the urgence.

Not all of us feel the urge to success, although when you think about it, you don’t want to be 60 y.o and wonder where you messed up.

You have to create this feeling of urge by yourself, you have to believe the clock is ticking and is running, that it will not wait for you.

Understand you have 24h in a day, and work it out to prosper. Understand that your legacy is not only your name, it is the action you take.

So don’t spend your next moves in front of the TV, make yourself proud and give yourself a future you deserve and are excited for.

Photo by Jeffrey Czum

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