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Hi, Seb here! After B0LD’s big shift in their writing style and business culture, I  thought I could write something a little different and share what I had on my mind and soul for quite a while now.

If you know me, you know how I am someone who likes to meet new people, to laugh, to have fun and to live in “a pretty pink bubble”; filled with 1001 different wonders, waiting for me to discover them. My own little world. However, recently I hit a wall, a big wall, the type of wall that you’d need a really tall ladder to cross over – I started to doubt everything I stood for or everything I believed.

I am in a rut with everything: love, career, projects, passions, goals, etc. – Honestly, I do not know what to do. It came to my attention that every time I looked around me, I would focus on the good things going on for others without paying any particular attention to my own work, thinking that it was never good enough.

I kept on creating this image that is not realistic to who I was, trying to pursue something that I can never achieve with the means I have.

Munchkins, the truth is, you can never take someone else’s path or ideas or goals to obtain your own name and fame. Their ideas and inspirations can help and nourish your creativity and inspiration flow but you need to walk on your own path. You must take a leap of faith on your own. It is scary – it might hurt and it might bring a lot of uncertainties along the way, but the results you are striving for will be bigger than what you expect. Your own path is your blessing, it is your vision and your ambitions drawn into a map only you can trace. This means that it is okay to fail and not succeeding from the first ride. It is okay not being perfect or not having enough strength to advance in something. It is okay to take time to rejuvenate yourself. What is NOT okay is forgetting who you are in the process.

You must realise, and I must realise, that there is one of you and one of me.

If we do not treat ourselves right, we will crush ourselves and that certainly is not what we are aiming for. We want to become better versions of ourselves, we want to prosper and offer the world a little bit of our awesomeness, right?

That is why I decided to do good deeds, and share the person I saw in my mirror with bits of the world – not because it is the right thing to do but because it is what feels good to do.

No one should force you to accomplish anything, your time comes when it does as long as you never give up. You should know that you are not bound to be Wonder Woman or Superman. You only have to try to be the best of you.

Nonetheless, if you focus on approaching the perfection – that you already are and surely have inside you –  and you keep on spreading the love around you, in all you do and towards you, you will find yourself amazed that you do not need any other powers aside from believing in yourself. Be your hero, be human, be you.

I think that is all I wanted to say.

Be a superhuman – joking.

Peace, Seb

Photo by Irina Iriser

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