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What you need

How do you start being the best version of yourself? When do you shift? Where do you start choosing yourself?

Every minute is a redefining phase, every instant is a new chapter and we can always surrender who we’ve been for who we are – you can always uplift yourself to be better.

But the truth is, to start being the best version of you, you have to treat what you can touch first. No brain functions without the proper nutrients, nobody holds on without its need to move satiated.

Understand your need and treat your body as the forest, growing stronger, flourishing into thousands of wildflowers. Give it the sun it craves, give it the air it needs, provide the nutrients it asks, give the silence to mediated, give it the water to keep the creative juice flowing.

If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to start treating your body, like it is the best.

You need to start treating yourself with love and consideration that without giving your body the very best, it can’t be the very best, and that doesn’t mean training every day and becoming extremely fit,

it means doing what is right and giving your body what it needs.

I breathed in and out, the melody of the rain humming in my ears, I stretched in the fresh air of the morning, grateful, getting my mindset ready to conquer this day.

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