Gracious pile of plates

Your ability to be gracious will help you change the world around you.

It’s about making people you meet feel at ease, like home.

It’s about having interest in who they are.

It’s about laughing when you could have felt humiliated.

It’s about letting your energy introduce you before you speak.

Be gracious. Open your heart. Share positive thoughts. Slay the art of caring.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have precise opinions and hold your grounds, bht it means you won’t outburst.

It’s about understanding everyone has a plate, some bigger, some smaller, some are porcelain, others are paper, some are extra thick material, some are pretty thin. Some plates are already full, some half full, some empty. That’s why you respect and consider everyone, because everyone has different plates, not everyone can take the same amount of food, crap or whatever is on their plate. You understand that not every plate as the same history and you respect what every plate can take, because it’s not your place to decide how they fill their plates or how quickly they’re full.

All you can do is share what’s in your plate or help some get rid of what’s in theirs.

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