Chocolatine’s theory on discipline

To be the best version of yourself is to understand how to do what is right instead of what we feel like, it’s a simple habit yet it is one of the hardest to develop when you lack it. Discipline. If discipline is the heart of success then I needed to understand how it worked, how you stop choosing wrong before you’ve even started doing wrong. After observing behaviours, I’ve developed a theory that discipline needed to start at a simple point – when you choose to do something you have/should do instead of what you want to do. Let’s think of a chocolatine, How do you not buy a chocolatine? How do you not eat it?

If you can control what you eat and what you drink, it is said you can control the world if wished. Eating and drinking are together the simplest way to pratice discipline in it’s purest form.

So that’s where we shall start, how to control what you eat?

Although treats are fine, if you let cravings control you, imagine all that is actually controlling your existence. But how (how ??) do you come in peace with not eating that delicious, scrumptious, exquisite chocolatine?

This where the chocolatine theory has proven itself.

Problem number one? Don’t buy it. If you don’t buy it, you won’t be able to it. But if money is not a problem and you have enough means to buy yourself a piece of heaven/ a chocolatine, then how do you not buy it?

Option number 1: motivation – find a project on which all the money normally spent on deliciousness, will be required to put in that project. New car? No more chocolates! Want this book? No more chocolatines! Want to be a millionaire? No more chocolatines! If you find aspiration, you will have motivation to stop you from doing something or to push you to do something better for yourself.

Option number 2: be mindful – before buying, on the instant you walk towards the cashier, before you even order, ask yourself if you truly want it, find the strenght to say no. “No, I do not want it, I want to give my body what is right.”

If you ever fail at solving problem one, then you’re officially at problem two: you have the chocolatine, do you not eat it?

Option number 1: Balance :eat it! but see how you feel, it’s not about feeling guilty, but it’s about the feeling it leaves you. Do you feel good? Do you feel satisfied? How do your intestines feel? If you don’t feel good, stop eating it. If you feel good, finish it, be happy because you ate a delicious chocolatine, but remember yourself of who you want to be and find balance.

Option number 2: Partnership : you have it in your hands, and you just remembered how you want to be disciplined and do better, well, you can always look for someone who looks like they could use a chocolatine, make it your good action of the day. Or share it with a friend. Often it is easier to be disciplined when you are disciplined with someone else.

Have you gotten all the subitilities ? Because every option can most definitively be applied in any situation regarding any sujbect if you twist them up a little. Turning a bad habit into growth may sometimes be hard, and not much fun, but there is much more appreciation and satisfaction in finding balance than in repeating the same actions that do not bring you joy when you over do them or that do not bring you forward when you avoid them.

Be the best version of yourself and buy less chocolatines (if you see what I mean).

Share the chocolatine’s theory to inspire others – be inspired and inspire – what’s your bad habit ?

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