The hardest part

The hardest part about doing your thing, whatever it is, is not the hard work.

It is how no one else will work.

People work in their own way, they have schedule much different than yours and they might have other priorities or not enjoy hard work as much as you do.

Your field provides you passion and fierceness to keep going forward, and that road sometimes is a lonely one.

You’ll feel selfish wanting people by your side, you’ll want them rising with you, wakeup when the sun comes up, go to bed exhausted, you’ll want them to share this life with you and to be as passionate as you are.

You’ll want the people you cherish to relate and to understand you.

Truth needing to be said, they most likely won’t understand, they might support you, but you can’t be protective of their time like you are of yours.

Their passion and time is their responsibility, by loving them you make the choice of supporting them, and the best way to do so is to be their rock and cheerleader. To be there for them is to understand that thry are not where you are, and what you want might not be what they are hoping for. All of it is fine. You can rise and shine, do your thing, and still love them although they do not understand any of it.

Photo by David Yu

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