How to start being a leader

“Sometimes all you need is a day under the sun, sometimes all you need is to be your own sun. “

They say to have success, yo have to be the leader, we say to be the leader, you have to prove yourself that you are the leader.

You can tell yourself you’re the leader as much as you want, you’re not a leader until your mind knows you are and agrees with you.

There is one more thing to conquer before your mind and there is only one way to make sure itunderstands. Treat your body like a leader.

Wake up when you said you would, or even before, eat healthy and show disicpline when needed, go out and workout, move when you don’t feel like too.

Be in control and listen to what your body needs and wants.

Metaphorically, your body is the rider and the horse is your mind, you have to show it you are in control for it to work with you. How do you do so ? You train it, you take it out, you feed it what it needs, you take good care of it.

To ride the horse, make sure your horse and you are on the same page. Your mind is a wild horse, so make sure your body is ready to be its rider.

Photo by Pixabay

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