Missing inspiration ?

Your mind gives back when you give.

Truth always was that motivation and inspiration are not much if you can’t have consistency in your actions.
However, when it comes to creating content and showing up every day a little inspiration always helps.
If you ever find yourself out of it, it may be time for you to look at the big picture:

do you have a routine?
A routine that makes you feel good can change your whole mood. It gives you the right to be the leader of your life, to be in control, to start your day right, it doesn’t have to be boring, it can be to walk every morning, to meditate, to dance in the shower, just do what lights up a sparkle of joy and brings you energy. Have a routine that makes you feel like you could conquer the world.
are you reading?
Reading is food for your brain, it stimulates it as much as you personally, read books that add value to you and your life, that make your heart shiver in excitement when you finally get time to read. Remember that your brain gives as much as you give it. Feed it a good food for thought, expect a good outcome. Just like you read this blog and you already feel more and more inspired, you give it food for ideas.
do you remind yourself of your role models?
Do you even have any? A person you can think of and say “ what would _ do ?” at this moment. Find strength in other, grow taller.
do you have concrete goals?
Sometimes you have a big clear vision of what you want but you can’t see yourself getting there and you don’t know how, that’s because your goals are not concrete – just like if you want to climb a mountain for the view, you have ta take every step up.
Make a list. Mark due dates. Know what to do and actually do it. The more you do the more you’re inspired to do more. Pour energy towards your dreams.

Inspiration isn’t to be found, to have it you have to check on yourself.

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