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Letter from the editor – Ever Hopeful

THIS MONTH we focus on you – as we always do. July, warm days and summer flames for side hustles and big dreams. Under the sun and behind your big shades, we found it perfect to encourage you in your pursuit to perfection – your own kind of perfection. This month we focus on finding it a definition, refining this image of the best version of yourself, growing into that person is a journey, gladly we got your back.
The world is changing and so are you, as if we were an astrology page, we see your future, big and bright lights.
Luck: all stars!
Love: as long as you love you everything will be fine.
Voice how you feel about the world and change yours, reach your full potential, this month you go both feet and we’re jumping with you. Focus on your dreams until they’re your reality.
Be inspired and inspire.
This month is about to be bold.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova
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