You are the sun … or the moon

Some of us are like the sun, warm and diffusing light around – the stereotype of the successful person.
Some of us are like the moon, colder, poised – we diffuse a different kind of light.
We’re not as warm nor as shiny, not golden but more silver, we glisten subtly.

Some feel like a misfit because they glow differently, but they forget that different glows are what make a sky and a glowing sky is how you make a galaxy.
Having your own glow is what makes you unique.

If you ever wonder how to glow, or how to find your glow remember :

  • Surrounding yourself with glow-getters, achievers and winners doesn’t make you one, but it makes you raise your energy and can truly transform you.
  • Constantly seek more knowledge. Don’t know? Looking like a fool once is better than to be one for a lifetime, seek knowledge and ask what you don’t know.
  • Knolewdge is no power unless you can use it.
  • Consider arguments from all sides, not everything is black and white.
  • Clearly articulate every goal if you ever want to achieve them
  • Give praise, take blame. Teaches you to be humble and that’s what winners do.
  • People follow leaders, not orders, there is a difference between influence and tyranny
  • Be the best, be first, leave a mark where you go, touch hearts and be unforgettable. Your glow is your unique touch, learn how to use it.
Photo by Daria Obymaha

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