4 secrets to look your best

As we build our dream life, we realize bodies are the first thing we ever present to others. their the recipient of our minds and the envelope to the depts of our heart. Not always gracious we stumble in the world with a little bit of envy for the ones that look better. Fortunately, we can get work done – and it does not include plastic surgery (although it is an alternative. You do you.). 

Wouldn’t it be great if you were precisely the best version of yourself mind, body and soul? We got you. 

The best thing is to start, the hardest also is to start. Why be ever hopeful if you can be your own masterpiece?

  1. Your body is just like your mind, your energy – it’s unique. So it’s not about entering the beauty standards of society. It is about doing with what you have and creating your own charm. Audrey Hepburn was one of a kind, she stood out by being unconventional, fascinating. If you look at the most magnetic icons of history, they were not known because they were your typical kind of beautiful. Mark time with your timelessness. Be your own classic.
  1. If the body is a temple, you must construct a solid base – by solid base, we mean start being on with healthy habits and out with destructive behaviours. You know what is right ( if you don’t know then get educated, information on health id available on internet and books. It literally everywhere.). Basically, eat right, move your body, quit what hurts you ( at least try – a cocktail once in a while never killed anyone.) and practice self-care.
  1. Find what works for you, really the secret is here. When it comes to clothes, food, makeup, hair, skincare whatever enters in “physical attributes and apparels” ’s category needs you to get to know yourself. What makes you feel good and look good? No one is the same and you have to be mindful about what you do to yourself and how you feel with yourself. 
  1. If we can’t be any louder than you read us, let us at least write it louder: BODY LANGUAGE. First: posture. Stand as tall as you are, chin high. You’re the new nobility, your own aristocracy, building a dynasty, and that is one reason why you should hold your head high along with a million others. Do you aspire to be one of the greats? Then stand for how great you are. Second: flirt. If you are not a natural flirt, then maybe you could consider being. Your body needs to attract the world to your heart and your mind, you must the message. Not in a romantic way, you can be platonically flirting,it has nothing sexual to it nor should it, only, you have to seduce your audience with a smile, with a touch, with fluttery eyes, with laughs and grand gestures (with your hands and legs, no need to get on your knees with a ring for every stranger). It’s in the way you move in a crowd, a little dramatic yet subtle. Show manners, pouting slightly, give them the charming smirk, speak with confidence, play it a little shy – find your own technique to be in a constant flirt with the world, and you will attract the world. 

Proper presentations require proper appearances, and it has everything to do with the way you look : bold. 

We hope you feel bolder and inspired to reach your best self. 

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Photo by Evie Shaffer

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